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Annapurna Circuit Trek: Fairy Tale of Love with Nature

“Annapurna Circuit Trek: Fairy Tale of Love with Nature” is a compilation of unforgettable memories of my unconsummated love affair with nature. You can call it a travelogue, but it’s more than that. A traveller visits a place and returns, but I have not yet returned. Though my body has pulled my mind towards Delhi, but the memories well crystallized inside the mind are making it wander even now. I have tried breaking this discordant by penning down my experiences of the trek and loading them on to you, the reader, with a hope that you will carry forward the fairy tale in your love with nature.

Motivation: Magnificent waterfalls, towering mountains, pleasurable pine forests, picturesque lakes, meandering rivers/streams, snow clad peaks, slithering pathways, wide valleys, beautiful villages, quivering suspension bridges, docile-yet-petulant yaks, shy blue sheep, cute kids, pretty ladies, smiling men, bright sunshine, dark clouds, cold nights, enthralling views, and everlasting unconditional love.

The self-published e-book edition is available for purchase globally across digital book sellers except Amazon. The self-published paperback edition is available for purchase in India at Notion Press in both B&W and colored editions. In any case, enjoy reading the book excerpts herein below & leave the feedback, if you wish.

(Reviewers: Please contact me if you wish to review the book. I will make the free copies available to you.

Distributors & marketers: You are welcomed to make proposals. Please contact me.

Publishers & agents: You are no more welcomed unless you are willing to make proposals restricted to distribution and marketing of the book. If so, please contact me.)

Let’s Do Tandav (Author: Ankur Mutreja)

I have developed pimples in my feet treading on the difficult path of dharma and action.
Now my feet tread only on the road less traveled, so let’s do Tandav.

I have wept so much that tears have formed a smiling line on my countenance.
Now tears on my face only produce laughter, so let’s do Tandav.

I have slept more in day dreams than dreamed at night in slumber.
Now, to me, the sun appears dark and night appears brighter, so let’s do Tandav.

I have been blamed so much for nothing that I can only talk to myself for consolation.
Now if I stay still, I become the punching bag of rioters, so let’s do Tandav.

I am stuck in a desert where every oasis turns out a mirage and the thirst remains forever.
Now I am so thirsty that even spitting puts me into depression, so let’s do Tandav.

I am not chained, but the air is so heavy that each step forward puts me in tethers.
Now I am so enslaved that everybody appears as a master, so let’s do Tandav.

I jump into night soil everyday to keep the world free of termites and spiders.
Now I walk on four to gain the citizenship of the nether, so let’s do Tandav.

I have been asked to prove my existence with a birth certificate in tender.
Now I can prove my existence only through destruction, so let’s do Tandav.

©2019 Ankur Mutreja


I Have Work to Do (Author: Ankur Mutreja)

I have work to do. I am born, and I have to make the parents get my birth certificate.

I am not a toddler anymore. I have to work hard to join a school.

I have grown bigger. I have to workout, build muscles, get a partner and …

I did it, but the real work starts now. I have to get a job.

I have a job and am working on taking up responsibility. I have to marry.

I have a family, and now I have to work more. I have to make their future.

I have grown up kids, but now they have work to do. I have to oversee their work.

I have seen enough, now I have just a little more work to do. I have to learn to relax.

I am dead, but my worries are my work now. Who is getting my death certificate?

I have no anxieties left, but the work is not yet over. I have to protest my death before god.

I protested successfully: the threat of hunger strike unto death worked. I have work to do.

©2019 Ankur Mutreja




Fly Like a Twitter (Author: Ankur Mutreja)

My friend, the sparrow, left after I joined 3G to Twitter.
I didn’t recognize the breakup because the sparrow was also a Twitter.
On the mountains, she joined again, where there was no Twitter.
She was not a Twitter; it was Twitter who made her look like a Twitter.
I took a selfie with her and tweeted it to make it known to Twitter.

I invited her back home, but she had found a new home away from Twitter.
The choice was mine and difficult: To stay on the mountains or return to Twitter.
I returned because I was not as free as my friend, who didn’t like Twitter.
I deluded myself to believe that if not me then at least my tweets fly free on Twitter.
But the choice is still mine and difficult: To stay on Twitter or fly like a Twitter.

© 2019 Ankur Mutreja


Hypersonic Missile, I am (Author: Ankur Mutreja)

Sound, sound, make me sleep.

Sleep my baby, I will play you a lullaby.

Sound, sound, wake me up.

Wake up boy, here is your alarm.

Sound, sound, I am going jogging.

Wait…I will also rock with you.

Sound, sound, I wanna read a book.

Ok…I will call nature.

Sound, sound, I am going out on dinner.

Jazz at my cost, handsome.

Sound, sound, I am back home.

Sound, sound, I want to sleep.

Sound, sound, make me sleep.

Sound, sound, where are you.

Sound, sound, where are…

Sound, sound, where…

Sound, sound…


……………Hypersonic Missile, I am.

©2019 Ankur Mutreja


Q&A with God (Author: Ankur Mutreja)

Me: Did you have sex before creating the world?
God: With Whom?
Me: Was there nobody? Why didn’t you create somebody?
God: I need nobody.
Me: Then why did you create everybody?
God: To control.
Me: To control what? The world or yourself?
God: I don’t need any control.
Me: Nobody ever challenged you?
God: Who can challenge me?
Me: Those whom you created.
God: I will kill them if they will challenge me.
Me: What if everybody challenged you? Will you kill everybody?
God: Yes, of course.
Me: Then whom will you control?
God: I don’t need to control anything.
Me: But you did create the world to control it?
God: No. I just created everybody. World is what you call it.
Me: Then what is it if not world?
God: It is my personal creation.
Me: And who appreciates it?
God: Those whom I created.
Me: Is there a choice otherwise? Else won’t you kill them?
God: Do you want to be killed?
Me: I don’t think you can kill me because I don’t believe in you.
God: Your belief is irrelevant. My power is relevant.
Me: Ok. Kill me.
God: I don’t kill myself. My creations kill each other.
Me: Then who will kill me?
God: I don’t know.
Me: Then how will you kill me?
God: Whenever you will die, it will be me who would have killed you.
Me: And when would that be?
God: On Doomsday.
Me: And when would that be?
God: Before eternity.
Me: By any chance did you create that video game “Doomsday v Eternity”?
God: I created everything.
Me: I have an advice: Start again; this time create just one, fcuk him/her before you start fcuking everybody.
P. S. And do please use condom. I have serious doubt the way you have been fcuking everybody.

©2019 Ankur Mutreja


The Intelligent Man Didn’t Understand It (Author: Ankur Mutreja)

The dog barked to show disapproval, the man petted him further more.

The parrot parroted to mock fun, the man produced him as witness in court.

The lizard scooted to escape unhurt, the man started collecting her tail.

The monkey snatched food to claim his right, the man made him his forefather.

The small cat adjusted with man with strength, the man started petting even bigger cats.

The cow kicked man when he milked her calf’s due, the man made her his mother.

The ram rammed into enemies with courage, the man sacrificed his courage to god.

The intelligent man didn’t understand it (or as it seems).

©2019 Ankur Mutreja




Blue, Orange, Green, and Red (Author: Ankur Mutreja)

Green is wild, but Orange often escapes into Green with or without burning it into Red.

Red & Orange are different, but Yellow easily turns Red into Orange and Orange into Red.

Pink is beautiful, but when White is less it is indistinguishable from Red.

Red is blood, but it often doesn’t spill any and clots itself into Black.

Blue is primary, but it produces nothing when mixed with both Yellow and Red.

Each color is unique, but look at them from a single lens, you see only White or Black.

©2019 Ankur Mutreja