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Claims on Privacy: An Essay

Claims on Privacy: An Essay

“Claims on Privacy” is an essay justifying the categorization of privacy as a generic natural right like the right to life and liberty. An inextricable link has been drawn between dignity and privacy in the essay through the life story of a fictional character XYZ as no contour can really be drawn to an abstract right in a system which can’t be tailor-made. The starting point for the essay is the recent Judgment delivered by the Supreme Court of India. The author after adopting the views expressed in the judgment has elaborated upon the alternative categorization of right to privacy as a generic right, which though adopted in the Supreme Court judgment is but not the dominant expression. Various articles published by the author on his blog ForPrivacy have also been added as appendices.

The author is a lawyer and a privacy exponent. This essay is his sincere attempt to educate himself about privacy, which is a right less understood. He makes no claims to educate others. Even if the readers get entertained, the author would accept it gracefully as an accidental gain.

Are you thinking how to get this book? Well…you can either download it free from the digital stores across the web or just read it below.

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